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The Eco Well podcast

Oct 19, 2020

This episode featured Andy Millward, UK based facialist, I’ve been following him for a while - I really have come to respect his nuanced view about skincare. In the skincare community, there seems to be a bit of stigma around estheticians - many times scientists and dermatologists just get into their own little crowds and kindof discount what estheticians may bring to the table. On the flip side, while there are some estheticians that publish great quality content, there are others that kind of miss the mark, whether that’s talking about toxic ingredients in skincare or maybe misinforming about a medical skin issue. Perhaps this is where that stigma comes. So in this conversation, I wanted to tackle the topic. Why is there such a diversity in credibility? What are some of the root problems going on there? And by not giving estheticians a seat at the table, how does this impact quality of care and information in the skincare space. How can we all work together to do better? Hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!