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The Eco Well podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Something that I have personally noticed online, is that there seems to be quite the disparity in credibility from estheticians. While there are so many in my network that put out fabulous information, there are also many perpetuating the same old marketing myths and misinformation. On our season last year, feat. @andymillward_ - I found out that this disparity may come down to the gaps in training and, perhaps, lack of standardization, at least from the UK perspective, where some facialists may have years of training, some may have days. Some may have gotten their hands on experience under a single brand - who may or may not be giving them correct information, some with many. I can only imagine how frustrating this may be for both estheticians, especially highly trained ones, and their clients, where finding a good one may feel a bit like Russian Roulette. So in this episode, I wanted to broaden the conversation to a roundtable featuring estheticians from around the world. What is the variety of training in your region? Is there any kind of standardization to ensure everyone is trained to a sufficient level? How can things improve in your area? And for the everyday person, with all of this in mind, how can we go about finding a good esthetician? Featured in the conversation, Andy Milward (@andymilward_), Eunice Cofie-Obeng (@eunicecofie), Presley McGlashing (@presleycharlotteskintherapy), Justin Spracklin (@maximumskin), and Jillian E (@estheholic)

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