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The Eco Well podcast

Feb 18, 2020

This episode featured the panel discussion from our Green Beauty Night in LA that happened a couple of weeks ago. On the panel, in order of appearance in this conversation, was Laura Markley, PhD student, plastic researcher and the brains behind the popular blog Waste Free PhD, Dennis Abbeduto, cosmetic chemist and personal care business manager at Colonial Chemical, Perry Romanowski, cosmetic chemist, co-host at the Beauty Brains podcast, my other favorite beauty science podcast, and founder at Chemists Corner, Damien Perriman, industry thought leader in the biotech space and VP at Genomatica, and Kenna Whitnell, biochemist and plant extraction expert, she also runs a popular beauty science Youtube channel. The goal of this conversation was to try to find the science in the green beauty movement. What does “Green Beauty” really mean, from a science-based perspective? The panel discussion was also recorded as a video, you can find that on our Youtube channel. If you find the conversation valuable, please share.