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The Eco Well podcast

Oct 16, 2019

This episode featured the panel discussion from our Toronto Green Beauty Night that happened just over a week ago. What is ‘green beauty’? Most commonly, when we talk about sustainability in cosmetics, it’s often coming from a place of misinformation - from chemophobia and fear-mongering to fallacies of thinking natural will always be better, which is just not true. I think a big challenge is that scientists often stay behind closed doors - I actually don’t know of another consumer-facing panel on this topic, and there are a lot of panels out there, that features real scientists. Sustainability in our industry is more important than ever, and so it’s really important that we used science-based metrics to move forward instead of the quick switches that really just appease consumer trends. Featured in our Green Beauty Panel was Beta Montemayor, toxicologist at Cosmetics Alliance Canada, Kenna Whitnell, biochemist at Altilis Beauty, Dr. Vik Pandit, Bioengineer at Phycus Biotech, Jenn Harper, founder at Cheekbone Beauty, and Dayna Stein, sustainability advisor and founder at bare market. A really great discussion filled with very important information to our industry, from brand owners, fellow formulators to consumers. My goal with Green Beauty Night is to help re-direct the discussion on an international stage.