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The Eco Well podcast

Apr 24, 2018

In this episode, I interviewed Andrea Ashley, serial entrepreneur doing some really interesting things here in my home province Ontario, Canada. She’s a certified aromatherapist and cosmetic chemist who runs her own consulting and contract manufacturing company, produces custom consumer-facing products, supplies an array of essential oils, has her own holistic beauty magazine, and runs the Holistic Beauty Experience - a one night a year show that brings together the Canadian indie holistic beauty industry, to showcase them to Canadian consumers. It’s focused on self-love, education, and helping people feel like their best possible selves, with an intimate marketplace and speakers from around the world. I’m so impressed with all of the unique things she’s doing with her business and so I just wanted to showcase it to you. In this podcast, we talked about all the different things she does with her business as well as the Holistic Beauty Experience - happening this May 31st in Toronto. We also went on a wee bit of a tangent about essential oils, so this podcast is a little longer than my usual. I was initially planning on editing it out and recording a second interview with Andrea about essential oils only, but after listening, I thought it was too interesting to do that. There’s still lots more to cover anyway about essential oils for another podcast. Before we dive into the interview, I also wanted to let you all know that my business, The Eco Well, will be at Andrea’s show the Holistic Beauty Experience, which you’ll hear more about in this episode. As part of this podcast, I’m going to be giving away 2 tickets to the show! Tag the friend you’d like to bring on any of our social media feeds for a chance to win. In case you don’t win but would still like to attend, you can also use the discount code EcoWell for a 10% discount off of your tickets. You can learn more about the #HBE2018 as