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The Eco Well podcast

Sep 17, 2019

In this episode, I featured a conversation with Belinda Carli from the Institute of Personal Care Sciences (IPCS). This episode dove into a basic cosmetic science 101. Topics covered: What are (and aren’t) preservatives and why do we need them in cosmetic products, adjusting pH and why 5.5 isn’t always the best pH for a formula (and why we often shoot for that pH when formulating products), why there are so many emulsifiers out there, oils, oil derivatives and other lipid/fatty ingredients and how they impact the end skin feel of a product, what humectants are and how they benefit a formula and more! We also talked about the latest formulating tool the IPCS has just launched - a calculator of sorts to make formulating easier, which we also talked about during the episode. Looking to get your toes wet and learn some formulating fundamentals? This podcast is for you.