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The Eco Well podcast

Jun 18, 2019

In this episode, I spoke with Dr Mojgan Moddaresio, Cosmetics Safety assessor and Cosmetic compliance expert at Personal Care Regulatory. How is the safety of ingredients assessed before entering the market? Despite a whole lot of misinformation, they are in fact assessed, by a team of very competent scientists, albeit differently from region to region internationally. From a regulatory outlook, product safety is of utmost importance. In our conversation, we talked about how ingredients are assessed, taking into consideration scientific data, human exposure and concentrations in products, how percentage limitations for formulators are set for ingredients, and international product safety. We took a look at two commonly fear mongered ingredient types, SLS/SLES and parabens, and important take homes for consumers and companies alike. Given that the EWG has so much clout in North America, in light of all the misinformation I’ve seen them perpetuate, I couldn’t not include them in this discussion. Spoiler alert, the EWG is NOT a reliable resource, if you want evidence-based non-cherry picked information that is, regarding the health impacts of your products. Before commenting to tell me I’m wrong, give this conversation a listen. If you're concerned about product safety, or are a brand looking to launch a complaint and safe product, this was such an informative discussion that I think you’ll find very helpful.