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The Eco Well podcast

Interview with Dr Rajani Katta about the link between diet and skin health

Jul 4, 2018

In this episode, I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Rajani Katta, a research dermatologist with a focus on the link between diet and skin health. She was a professor of dermatology at the Baylor College of Medicine for over 17 years, currently has her own practise, Katta Dermatology, has written extensively on diet and dermatology with over 70 scientific articles, and has authored 7 books on dermatology and medical school success. I’ve long been interested in the relation of diet and skin health so I was really excited to talk with Rajani. In our conversation together, we talked about different dietary patterns and their relation to skin health, research regarding different foods that may be exacerbating skin conditions, for example acne, eczema and wrinkles, and suggestions to eat for healthy looking skin. Spoiler alert, a healthy diet isn’t just going to make you look good, you’re body will probably also thank you. Enjoy!