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The Eco Well podcast

Jul 2, 2019

For this episode, I spoke with Paige Degarmo, a young cosmetic chemist based in the USA. I know quite a few of you guys, my listeners, are interested in pursuing a career in cosmetic sciences. Because cosmetic chemistry is such a niche, it’s not generally a career path presented as an option while in school… especially here in Canada, where we only have one graduate school for cosmetic chemistry. On the flip side, you don’t even necessarily have to study chemistry, or need a graduate degree, to enter the field. With Paige pretty fresh in her career and progressing quickly, I thought she would be the perfect person to talk about this - the path to a career in cosmetic sciences. We talked about Paige’s path, tools she thought were helpful to landing a job after school, job options, challenges, and lots more. I hope this podcast will be helpful to any of you aspiring to work in the field, and maybe, hopefully, even interesting if your not.