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The Eco Well podcast

Nov 10, 2020

This conversation featured Nadine Baggott on the state of beauty journalism.

In today's media landscape of fast and free, it’s hard to imagine the quality of media keeping up it’s standards. Journalism has never been a particularly lucrative career path. But today, with release schedules that are measured in hours, minutes and seconds, rather than weeks or days, things are certainly a lot harder for the average journalist. Click bait is now the name of the game, with misleading titles like ‘Are skin-care products the new cigarettes?’ the norm.  News and magazine agencies are closing left and right, and those who do survive end up at the mercy of their advertisers. At present in magazines, the difference between content and advertisement is almost imperceptible. On social media, you have to claim when you are being sponsored to say something, but in the magazines today it’s the wild wild west. To add to all of this, journalists are now competing with influencers, who at any time are a few taps away from reaching millions of people. 

Where does that leave journalists? No one wants to pay for their work, no one wants to wait for their work, and if they want to investigate the advertisers, who's going to pay for that? How is this fast and free model expected to provide us with accurate information? 


Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!


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