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The Eco Well podcast

Jun 21, 2022

Featuring Lalita Iyer @skinchemy, Esther Olu @themelaninchemist & Michelle Wong @labmuffinbeautyscience. A few weeks ago you guys sent in questions via IG, in this episode we tried to answer them all! This is our last podcast before we take a summer break to record more for the next season. We’ll be back with our...

Jun 14, 2022

This episode featured Adam Ford, Ph.D. Canada Research Chair in Wildlife Restoration Ecology at UBC, on the topic of misplaced conservation. What it is, how it happens and why we should care. While misplaced conservation may seem like something far removed from cosmetics, as you’ll hear once we get started, it really...

Jun 7, 2022

Hope you enjoy the convo as much as I did!

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Jun 1, 2022

A few weeks ago, Michelle @labmuffinbeautyscience and I launched the Sunscreen E-Summit. As part of the conference, we hosted this e-panel about how misinformation is impacting the sunscreen sector, featuring Michelle Wong, Ph.D., Thomas Myers from the PCPC, and Myriam Sohn, Ph.D. from BASF. So many important insights,...