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The Eco Well podcast

Apr 9, 2019

In this episode I spoke with Britt Hermes, previously a naturopath who’s now come full circle with her views on natural medicine, based on a pretty crazy… outrageous really... professional experience, followed by observing that her experience wasn’t unique in the field. Today, aside from working on a PhD on evolutionary biology at the University of Kiel, she is an advocate against natural medicine, and has become that space’s enemy number 1. I know that this is a controversial topic, and that some of my listeners are very engaged in natural medicine, some of you are naturopaths yourself. Because of this, and general public interest in ‘natural’ wellness, I was feeling… honestly, scared, to launch this podcast… and this feeling, of not wanting to broach a topic that is super important because of public perception, makes me feel sad. Likewise, the outcomes to Britt for sharing her experience thoroughly confirms my fear, but you’ll have to listen to the episode for that. At the end of the day, her story and message, and the downright malpractice that is happening all too frequently today, is too important not to share. To my listeners, I implore you to just listen to this podcast all the way to the end before deciding whether you agree or disagree with the conversation. In our conversation, we talked about her experiences working in as a young naturopath as well as her experiences sharing her experiences, evidence required for drugs, supplements and cosmetics and why that’s important, international cases of natural practitioners overstepping resulting in tragedy, important things everyone should know about natural medicine, how this all relates to cosmetics, and more.