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The Eco Well podcast

Jul 12, 2020

Are sunscreen actives killing coral reefs? Are products sold in the USA less safe than those sold in Europe? Is organic really the “greener” choice? What's the deal with lash growth serums? From a dermatologists perspective, should we be scared of fragrance in our skincare?

Final episode of season 3!  A few weeks ago I asked you guys to send in questions for our beauty science AMA episode. Here it is! Instead of answering them all myself, I decided to recruit some of my beauty/science friends on IG for our most collaborative episode yet to celebrate episode 100! 

Joining in to help answer: Perry Romanowski from @thebeautybrains2018, Dr Michelle Wong from @labmuffinbeautyscience, Analisa from @skinperspective, Cassandra Celestin from @thebeautychemist, Dr Anke Ginzburg @dr.ginza, Valarie George @cosmetic_chemist, Marta from @apelequehabitoblog, Dr Aegean Chan @draegeanchan, and Erin from @foodsciencebabe. If you’re looking for great science based accounts to follow, be sure to check out these!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to tune in and support what we do! Extra big thank you to our Patreon members. If your interested in supporting us on Patereon as well, head on over to We’ll still be doing e-events throughout the rest of the summer, so you’ll still be seeing as around, but as for the podcast, we’ll see you again in September. Thanks for tuning in!