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The Eco Well podcast

Nov 3, 2020

From influencers and celebrities who swear the secret to wellness is literally sunshine on your butthole, or maybe your just not eating enough “SuPeR FoOdS” - To the idea that the only time people become unwell is because the government mandates it. While bunk wellness claims are as old as the idea of wellness, there is no denying there's been an uptick since the start of the 2000s - amplified by social media and celebrity culture - the misinformation out there often feels overwhelming. It’s getting harder and harder to sort fact from fiction. Our current information marketplace is like an ocean of brackish water. Truth mixing with conspiracy in an indistinguishable soup of ideas, opinions and facts. To help us navigate this ocean of wellness misinformation, it’s impacts, and what we can do about it, I was joined by Dr Josh Wolrich, NHS surgical doctor, science communicator and fellow podcaster. Enjoy!