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The Eco Well podcast

May 18, 2020

This week's episode featured a conversation with Caroline Hirons. A few weeks ago she rightly made a comment on my page chiming in that my beef with misinformation isn’t beauty influencers - ‘it’s the brands and marketing teams who write those very words on packaging, press releases and advertisement’. Going on to say that in the 25 years she’s been working in the beauty industry, she’s never met someone in a marketing department who’s qualified in the skin (or formulation). Her comment really got me thinking - well first, she was obviously totally right. But also - with the rise in some of the anti science trends popping up, I’ve always thought of the mass of misinformation in the media as being more of a recent trend. Turns out, misleading marketing has a long history of use in the personal care space. So if misinformation has its claws dug into the cosmetics industry so deeply, how can we move forward?